It is my job as a Product Designer to keep an eye out for new materials - here is a big shout-out to an amazing company who have developed a revolutionary process!
Stormboard is a UK based company converting mixed waste plastic into 8 x 4 ft. panels, to be used for construction, furniture, hoardings, sheds, etc. - please check them out on www.stormboard.net
1. Mixed waste, destined for landfill, converted into panels with the patented P2 process.
2. The upcylcling process, using back of house co-mingled waste to be made into useful products that can be used again in-house.
3. Basic Stormboard colours ...
... can be customised, laminated or coated.
4. Waste free oceans - collecting plastic from the sea and turning it into panels for emergency shelters
5. The boards can be easily cut and CNCd
6. Ideal for wet areas ...
... garden and outdoor use
... hoardings that can be used again and again
For more information please visit www.stormboard.net
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