Only a few months ago I've discovered Adobe Capture, and I have to say I'm not sure how I've ever worked without it ... Capture lifts sketches out of your sketchbook and transfroms it into shapes, which are scaleable and can be imported straight into
Photoshop library.
Over the past months I've taken part in a few Photoshop Daily Creative Challenges - this tool has helped me to get super quick results, whilst adding a sketch feel to my Photoshop illustrations.
Jellyfish illustration with glow effect
Magical effect challenge
Creating an adventure map with custom brushes - using sketches imported with Capture!
Another adventure guild challenge - to create icons. Very time saving to be able to lift them out ouf my sketch book.
This cow features a lot in my life - I've drawn and painted it, and finally imported it into Capture to create a Cow-nicorn.
Surreal postcard with Sketch elements imported with Adobe Capture
And of course, the other great use of Adobe Capture is to create patterns ... which I've applied on a bag, rendered in Adobe Dimension.
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