Submission for ArtStation and Adobe Dimension Challenge 'The Art of 3D Insects'

Brief: To create a visually compelling scene using at least one 3D asset from The Art of 3D Insects collection from Adobe Stock and render the final image in Dimension.

Amazingly I managed to get a 'Jury's pick' and got on the 'Adobe's Favourites' list!

final rendering
My concept started and ended quite simple - I love trees and I love bugs, so putting those amazing 3D insects onto a tree seemed like the perfect combination. As this submission is about ‘The Art of 3D Insects’, I felt that a surreal approach to showing off the beauty of those incredible creatures was the way forward - with the basic idea of creating a tree where the bugs would gather in a swarm, looking like leaves. The tree should provide a sanctuary - a safe place for those special and often endangered species.
Here is my concept and work in progress:
Using backgrounds painted in Adobe Fresco:
Final scene in Adobe Dimension before rendering:
Thanks for looking!
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