What do you do when you get the best toy ever? Yes, you sit down, play and hope the world can cope without you for a while ... learning a new program and at the same time trying to create compelling artwork can be quite scary, especially with so much amazing work out there already, so I thought to document my journey and first steps, even if it's not quite as polished. The big question was:

Which brush to try out first?
To get started, I used a sketch I'd drawn a while ago and imported with Adobe Capture ... I used it as a mask to be able to just play with the brushes, try them and experiment.
pixel/photoshop brushes
As it is October, my next step was to draw a simple pumpkin, but use the different brushes to create masks, and try out different styles.
pencil brush, vector brush
live oil brushes
live watercolour brushes
vector brushes
Moving on to experimenting with the basic default pencil ... I love that you can just add layer after layer without ruining the paper.
Here is the vector brush version of it:
To experiment with the oil colours I painted this blob and photshopped it onto my outside wall.
Thank you for looking - and please let me know how you got on using Fresco - I'd love to hear your story!
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